Tips to Spot a Cheater

When it comes to relationships there is always a chance that you can find yourself connected with a cheater. This is bad news for anyone that is in love, but the good news is that it is easy to spot a cheater. Most people find themselves blindsided because they are not looking for the signs. The signs are always in place, but people have to make a conscious effort to realize that something may be going on. People that live in denial are only prolonging the time that they will hurt. The tips are easy to see because most cheaters are messy. They never cover their tracks.

New Appearance

One of the first things that people will notice when they are connected to a cheater is a change in appearance. It maybe a new hairstyle or a tremendous improvement in grooming. Most people that are in relationships will often become relaxed and what they are doing. They will not have a desire to really fix themselves up for their partners, but they may be more than willing to make a change in their appearance for a new mate. This is always one of the first signs that someone could be cheating in a relationship.


Another thing that people have to take notice of is the amount of money that a person may be spending. If a joint account is shared and money is always unaccounted for this may definitely be a sign that cheating is going on. People need money to cheat. It is not as simple as going to lunch or a couple of text messages in the late-night hours. Partners that are cheating will go through all kind of extremes to hide their tracks. They will rent cars and get hotel rooms. They will make plans with money that comes up missing in other places.

It may be possible that they may be letting bills inside of the home get delinquent in order to pay for things that are going on with the affair. There are all types of things that can occur when someone is cheating. It does not make a lot of sense for anyone to risk a relationship with cheating, but it is definitely something that happens in relationships quite frequently. Another thing that people will notice when they are involved with a cheater is a change in behavior.

The Growing Distance

A person that may have been willing to engage in conversations will no longer find the need to talk or remain intimate with you. A person that is cheating may actually distance themselves.. It will appear as if this person has already left the relationship even though they may still be hanging on for some other selfish needs that you may be fulfilling for them. People that cheat will start out sneaky, but they lose focus on trying to maintain two relationships. They get exposed because they become careless in hiding indiscretions.

The Reckless Overuse of Technology

A person that is cheating will cling heavily to technology because this is how they communicate with the other person that they are cheating with. A man or a woman that clings to a cell phone can easily become a person that is having an affair. If a cell phone that did not have a passcode suddenly gets a passcode there is a great likelihood that an affair may be in place. If you see your partner spending more time than usual on a computer there is a great likelihood that there could be an affair that is unfolding right in front of your eyes. Technology has made it easy to communicate with someone else without leaving the home. A person that thinks that a partner is only cheating when they are leaving the home is just deceiving themselves. Anyone that has a laptop or a cell phone can become a cheater.

Indirect / Very Secretive

A person that never wants to talk about the relationship is certainly one that is probably having an affair. They create smoke screens and reveal nothing. They may become secretive and even accuse you of having an affair to cover their own tracks. This is the anatomy of a cheater.