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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Special Thank You From Unplanned Motherhood

I've been quite busy planning a red carpet event for the first season premiere of Unplanned Motherhood. And although I'm the creator, director and producer of the web series, I've had a lot of help behind the scenes. So a thank you is in order.

I'd like to first thank the cast and crew of Unplanned Motherhood. They did an exceptional job. And a very special thank you to the parents of the cast that play my kids; Krista Colvin, Sherry Kilpatrick, Charles Kilpatrick, Nicki Heuer and Shaquila Willie. And a special thank you to my co-star Ashley Coughlin and my director of photography, Jay Burleson. They have been extremely supportive in getting this web series promoted and helping me plan the red carpet. I don't know what I would've done without them.

A big thank you to my family and friends who have continually supported me by sending encouraging words, running errands and doing labor behind the scenes. Love you to pieces to my sisters, my best friend, aunties, cousins and my own kids.

And a huge thank you to our sponsors of the red carpet event. We have two wonderful generous sponsors who helped us; Marc Lacy and Joneia Brown. We also have lots of family, friends and businesses that gave us love offerings just to make sure we could get our red carpet up and going. So a very special thank you to A's Accounting and Booking, A-1 Tax and Accounting Services, Athens Auto Tire and Wrecker Service, Edibile Arrangements, Neema International Performing Arts Cener, Out Front TutoringSew Couture and Ty Horton Photography.

And the biggest thank you goes to my husband. He is the one person that motivates me when I'm tired, nervous and scared. He encourages me and loves me unconditionally and when you're pursing your dreams, being love is like fuel for your soul. So I'm glad he is my husband, because with him, I'm never on empty.

~ Love,

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