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Monday, August 19, 2013

Tripping Prince Charming Interview by Ey Wade


"Three friends join their love stories to create a romantic magic that is both beguiling and whimsical."

Author Ey Wade waits in the studio of "IN THE CHAIR", waiting for the cast of ladies from Tripping Prince Charming to arrive. The novel started off as three separate books, The Cooking Class, Thorn in my Pocket, and the main characters being Carmella Candi, Ivy Gardiner, and Lillie-Rose McIntyre in that order. Each best friends who decided as children that they would never let a man run their lives or relationship. The three books rolled into one with three stories, but the ladies weren't happy and it eventually evolved into one book with' acts and scenes. Simply lovely.

Okay, my first question pertains to relationship and what you would like from one? Who would like to answer first?

CARMELLA "Oh, I will. What I want from a relationship is honesty. I don't like sly games or innuendos. "

IVY "Well, I would like a man who takes charge, but gives me room to be myself A relationship that's reallally a 90-10 and I retain the 90."

LILLIE-ROSE: "That's because you're bossy and always tryin' to run other people's lives." (everyone laughs) "If I could have my ideal relationship, it would 'be' one where there is mutual respect, lots of laughs and love, and no physical or mental abuse. "

I know that's right, we all agree with that, especially that last part (mutual sounds of agreement uttered from everyone) And since we all agree with that let's talk about your. ideal mate. We'll start with you, Lillie-Rose.

"Hmmm, my ideal mate would have to 'be' taller than I am so I can feel protected. My 5ft nothing self gets hit on a lot by men thinking I'm a kid. He has to be dependable, caring, with a job and most of all, he needs to 'be' able to control his temper."

What about you, Carmella?

"As I said before, he has to be honest, faithful, totally in love with me, and able handle it when I want to run my own life. I don't want someone who is so insecure he has to know where I am every minute of the day."

"Me," Ivy broke in. "I want a man who loves God just as much as he loves me. Honest, dependable and with a great sense of humor. Plus, he would have to like my girls, cuz we are a team."

Third question: I know the theme of the book is the disbelief of the 'happy ever after '. What made you dislike the fairy tale endings to stories? "

"The liars, the abusers, and the undependables" The three women answered in one voice, laughing and high fiving as if it were there stock answer.

But in the story you each have a man pursuing you through a lot of drama? How did you meet them?

"I met Franklin in church, but got to know him better while he was a member of my cooking class." Answered.Carmella.

"Same here, " put in Ivy. "I met Bernard through the church and it took a bit of maneuvering. "

"I met Nataniel at Ivy's parent's home." Lillie-Rose looked at her friends through narrowed eyes when they began to laugh. " They want me to say I pushed Nathaniel down a mountain."

"Well you did." they both agreed.

"Whatever, the audience can read about it in the book and judge for themselves. "

Oh, I know the story and its an reopened. Last question. Who is the romantic influencer in your life?

"Oh, that's easy. Uncle Michael, Ivy's dad." Carmella answered. "we call him, Pops."

"I have to agree. He told us so many fairy tales, built us an enchanted forest. He is the epitome of love."

"Yep, my dad would 'be' the answer."

I wish I could talk with him, But who knows. I may get that chance. Anyway, thank you ladies for coming and I await to get a copy in my hands. When is Tripping Prince Charming being released, again? "
August 8th folks, mark your calendars.

To stay up to date with Author Ey Wade, go to the following sites:

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