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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Character Interview by Author Olivia Carter

Jake: The boy behind the story

Q: So Jake, first I just want to thank you for agreeing to meet with me today. We learned so much about you from Molly, but I can’t tell you how exciting it is to talk with you.
Jake: Yeah, I don’t usually do this kind of stuff. Molly does the storytelling. She’s got that longwinded thing going on. You know, like her Mom. But, I’ll do my best to give you a good conversation.

Q: I’m sure you will. Speaking of Molly, maybe you could start by sharing a little about the day the two of you met, you know, from your perspective.
Jake: Of course. Actually, the day I met Molly was not my best day. I almost lost my job the night before, boss was making cuts, you know. And Tad had come down with some kind of cold. It was just a bad day. And then she showed up, and I was just supposed to be rerouting some wires in the sound booth for Sunday. No big, right? But you know Molly, what with her attitude. She struck something in me from the beginning. It’s just like she puts it, when they drove away. I couldn’t stop thinking about her either.

Q: So there’s a little chemistry between the two of you then?
Jake: (Laughing) Yeah, no comment.

Q: All right, then let’s talk about something else. Every time Molly mentions you it’s at the church, but, obviously, a teenager like yourself has other pastimes. What kinds of things do you do for fun?
Jake: Ha, yeah. Um, for the most part, if I’m not working, then I’m out walking or biking or something. And if it’s too scorching for that, which it usually is, then I’m working on my music. Music is my life. It brings people together, you know? But, honestly, I spend a lot of time at home with Tad. Not your average teenager, I guess.

Q: You sure aren’t. But, I have to ask, if you love music so much, why aren’t you in the band?
Jake: Funny story, the guys asked me to be in their band. It was probably about two years ago now. They check up every now and then to see if I changed my mind. But I’m more of a solo act. Not like it’s an ego thing, just. I have a special relationship with my music. I don’t exactly like performing. I feel like everyone is always judging me.

Q: A trait you and Molly seem to share. What else have you noticed the two of you have in common?
Jake: Molly and I have a lot in common, I’m finding. We both love to write, for one thing. And we both love observing people. She’s a little more impulsive than I am. I like to think everything through logically, whereas she tends to just act. Actually, now that I think about it, we have about as much in common as we have different. But, it’s a good balance.

Q: Sounds like it. Now, you’ve basically grown up with your grandfather and Tad. That couldn’t have been a perfect balance all the time. What would your advice be to teens like yourself whose parents aren’t around?
Jake: Gee, that’s a tough one. But, I like to focus on the people I have in my life. Not the people I don’t. Everything happens for a reason, you know. People come and go, but the ones that stay for good, those are the ones who really matter. I can honestly say that not knowing my biological Mom always left me feeling a little incomplete. And when my dad left, it got even harder. But I always had Gumpa and Tad. And I figure there’s a reason I had the two of them instead of Mom and Dad. So, maybe, just focus on the good instead of the bad.

Q: That’s some really great advice. Obviously, your grandfather and your little brother are a very important part of your life.
Jake: You know, they really are. And now Molly is too. I have no doubt the two of us met when we did for a reason. Things have been a bit rough lately but I think having her around is really going to help.

Q: That is really great. Hopefully, the two of you can spend more time together now.
Jake: Yeah, actually, I think we’re going to end up going to the same school this fall. You know, for tenth grade. Geez, I tell you. It’ll be nice to have someone at school to talk to.

Q: So, am I to understand that you didn’t have many friends at your previous school?
Jake: Eh, not too many. Most of my friends are at church, and they’re really only surface friends, you know. It’s not like they really know me. The only good friend I have is Jim Collins. I think Molly mentioned him. We go way back, Jim and me. Used to race tricycles and have sand eating contests back in the day.

Q: Molly does mention Jim, actually. In fact, it almost seems as if she has feelings for him. How does that play into your relationship?
Jake: Truth is, Molly and I did hit it off. And it’s still hard, you know. I do love her. But I think the way things are is the way things should be. As far as Molly and Jim, well, between you and me, the two of them have secretly had it bad for each other forever. And if I know either of them I can pretty much guarantee you it’s going to be an adventure waiting for them to admit it.

Q: Well, that’s an adventure I think we’re all looking forward to. Thanks again for sharing with us. It has been great getting to know you a bit better and to hear the story ‘through your eyes’. And good luck with school this fall. We can’t wait to hear more about the special connection between you and Molly.
Jake: Sure thing. Molly definitely won’t be giving up on the story any time soon, I can tell you that.

About the Author:

Olivia Carter is a dual enrolled high school and college student residing in Arizona. She lives with her parents, younger brother, seven rescue cats and three dogs. She enjoys painting, photography, and looks forward to attending University with a major in ancient history.


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