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Friday, June 15, 2012

AWC Conference: Sell Your Books

I'm often asked where can published authors sell their books or gain exposure for their books. A great way is to sell your books at a writers' conference. Writers, authors and aspiring authors are eager to get their hands on books by new authors, especially if they have the opportunity to meet the author in person.

The Alabama Writers' Conclave is one of the oldest writers' organizations in continuous existence in the United States. Published AWC members, who attend the meeting (held during the conference), can sell their books at the bookstore. The AWC provides a bookstore and bookseller on Saturday of the conference from 8:00 AM (set up time) to about 4:00 PM. All you have to do is let the bookseller, Marie Peerson, know the number titles and copies (usually not more the 10 copies of each title) that you would like to bring. The bookseller will display the books in the bookstore and act as cashier. This is the only way books are sold at the AWC conference. Membership dues are $25 per year and include the quarterly newsletter, reduced registration costs, and reduced contest entry fees. SO JOIN TODAY! If you are already a member of the AWC and are registered to attend the conference, it cost you nothing to sell your books during the conference.

If you would like to attend the conference held July 20-22, 2012 in Huntsville, Alabama at the Space and Rocket Center Marriott Hotel, please visit the website of the Alabama Writers' Conclave for more information or go to the registration form and you can join as a member online or register for the conference online.

Below is a schedule of the Alabama Writers' Conclave Conference. I will also be conducting two workshops during the conference, so I hope to see you there!

2012 Alabama Writers’ Conclave Conference Schedule

Friday July 20

   5:00 PM                Registration in Conference area beyond the Hotel Lobby
   6:30 – 8:00           Reception Sponsored by Alabama State Poetry Society
   8:00 – 9:00           An Evening with the Poets
   9:15 –                   Open-mic

Saturday July 21

  7:30  –   9:00 AM  Registration and Continental Breakfast
8:00 AM – 4:30 PM  Bookstore Open
  8:30  –   9:30         Nonfiction Writings (Rhodes): True Stories.  Well Told.  What do
                                they ‘they’ want?
  8:30  –   9:30         Social Media (Sledge): Low Cost Creative Marketing Strategies
                                for Authors
  9:30  –   9:45         Break
  9:45  – 10:45         Poetry (Brown): Writing Your Pivotal Moments:  Tension in Poetry
  9:45  – 10:45         Fiction (Holladay): An Old Hotel by the Railroad Tracks: Sources
                                and Subjects
10:45  – 11:00         Break
11:00  – 12:00         Writers-in-Residence (Cline & Richards):  The Mystery of Writing
12:00  –  1:30          AWC Lunch
  1:30  –   2:30         Nonfiction (Rhodes): Real People on the Page: Character in
                                Creative Nonfiction
  1:30  –   2:30         Haiku (French): An Introduction to Haiku
  2:30  –   2:45         Break
  2:45  –   3:45         Poetry (Brown): For Better or Worse: Inheritance and Heritage
  2:45  –   3:45         Fiction (Holladay): Shining Stars: Developing Your Characters
  3:45  –   4:00         Break
  4:00  –   5:30         Manuscript Critiques, Formal and Informal groups
  6:00  –   9:30         Grace Gravlee Awards Banquet

                                 Keynote Address (Cline & Richards):  The Genesis of Jokes;
                                 Writing Contest Awards Presentations

Sunday July 22

  7:30  –  9:00 AM     Registration and Continental Breakfast
  9:00 – 10:00           Nonfiction (Rhodes): Show and Tell
  9:00 – 10:00           Social Media (Sledge): How to Blog, Tweet and Facebook your way
                                 to Book Sales
10:00 – 10:15           Break
10:15 – 11:15           Poetry (Brown): Portraits and Characters
10:15 – 11:15           Fiction (Holladay): The Memory Project
11:15 – 11:30           Break
11:30 – 12:30           Annual AWC Member Business Meeting and DOOR PRIZES

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Armchair BEA: Best Books of 2012

Today's theme is share a few of our favorite books of 2012. My reading has been slack to put it mildly. But there are a few that I immensely enjoyed that made me go hmm.

1. Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones                  
This novel is captivating with its rich language and wittiness. It's a story about a bigamist and his two families, the secret family is unaware of the husband's other family and the other family knows about the secret family. A must read indeed. One of my top favorites of the year. And Ms. Tayari Jones is sweet and very personable, which helps when you actually like the author personally.

2. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot
This book had me whewing. You know that feeling when you read something so remarkable and unbelievable that you sigh out loud with a whew. The story was told delicately, with honesty and integrity. And I felt Ms. Skloot told it from an objective viewpoint. Her interview about the book was great and she was quite inviting and funny.

3. The Family Business by Carl Weber
This book was really good considering it was out of my recent comfort zone of feel good book or books with lots of action and adventure such as dystopian and apocalyptic novels. This book is often labeled as urban literature. But back in my day, I read nearly every book he cranked out. The Family Business was a pleasing book that helped me get reacquainted with Mr. Weber's work.


What are some of your favorite books of 2012?

Don't forget to enter My Favorite Reads giveaway going on right now. Click My Favorite Reads to enter for a chance to win one $25 Amazon Gift Card or up to $25 in purchases from the Book Depository for international participants. Hope you take a moment to enter. Good Luck!

Armchair BEA: Giveaways

Today's theme for Armchair BEA is Giveaway. I'm currently running a giveaway on my blog. So for all those that would like to enter the giveaway for a $25 Amazon gift card or up to $25 in purchases from the Book Depository please click My Favorite Reads Giveaway so you may enter to win. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents and international participants. 

There are also giveaways taking place at the Armchair BEA website. So hop over there and see what else you can win. 

Good luck and thanks for participating! Happy BEA!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Armchair BEA: Introductions First!

I was hoping to attend Book Expo America this year, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make it. But for the last several years I have participated in Armchair BEA, a virtual conference for book bloggers who can’t attend Book Expo America being held in New York this week. 

Every day this week, I’ll post according to the daily themes given by Armchair BEA. Bloggers will then visit each other's blog and comment, which by the way, is an excellent way to network. I met most of the bloggers I know through Armchair BEA. So make sure and stop by the Armchair BEA and participate by visiting the list of blogs participating that are listed on the linky at the Armchair BEA website. Introduce yourself at each blog and leave a nice comment. Perhaps, they will reciprocate and come visit your blog as well.

Everyday this week, there is a new theme for bloggers to post according to. Today’s theme is “Introductions First!” Participants were given a list of 10 questions and asked to answer 5 of them, so that we can all get to know each other a little better. So here’s the five I chose to answer. 

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself? How long have you been blogging and why did you get into blogging?

I'm Lena Sledge, author, writer, publicist, speaker and of course....blogger. I'm the publicist for the Alabama Writers' Conclave, one of the oldest writers' organization in continuous existence in the United States. I wrote a short story collection titled, If I Had My Way. It was released in February of 2012. It has done well. I'm very proud of my work and it was great to have my blogger friends discuss my book on their blogs and leave Amazon and Barnes and Noble reviews. I've also had my work in several anthologies. I started blogging because I wanted to share writing resources with newly published authors like myself. But I initially started blogging about books that I had read from my personal home library and from there my blog took on a life of its own. I hope to have my blog become a site for writers to find resources that may help them find what they need within the literary world and to share great books and bookish news for my book lovers and readers.

2. What book am I currently reading?
"Home" by Toni Morrison.

3. What is my favorite feature on my blog?
My favorite feature is Author Interviews, Giveaways and Writing and Blogging Resources.

4. My favorite post that I would want everyone to read?
It would be three posts actually, Top 25 Blogs for Writers, Armchair BEA (Building and Nurturing Relationships and Top 20 Sites for Free eBooks.

5. If I could eat dinner with any author or character who would it be?
In my fantasy, I'd have a luncheon with Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison and Nikki Giovanni.

Feel free to participate and answer my five questions in comments or direct me to your blog post discussing your five questions for Armchair BEA.

Tomorrow's theme is Giveaways and if you've visited my site before, you'll know I LOVE giveaways! Matter of fact, I'm running one now for a $25 Amazon Gift Card or up to $25 in book purchases from the Book Depository. So scroll down to enter or click My Favorite Reads Giveaway.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to meeting and networking with you all. Happy BEA!
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