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Friday, September 14, 2012

Finding Time to Blog When You Don't Feel Like It

I know some bloggers who blog only when they get the creative urge. This may not be the best way to have a healthy blog however. So what do you do when you know you need to blog but you don't feel like it? Well, this past summer I felt just like that. I physically could not blog due to health reasons but once I began to feel better, I didn't have the urge to blog. I had lost my mojo. :(

But then I thought about my readers and all the effort I had put into my blog. I've only been blogging 18 months and I've made some good headway. Did I really want to throw all that hard work away? Heck no! So I started slowly with my Wordless Wednesday posts. How hard could it be to post a picture once a week? I didn't need to write lengthy paragraphs or new catchy titles each post, I just had to find inspiration in a photo. And when I found that inspiration, it began to inspire me to get back to writing and blogging.

There are times when we have to do things we don't want to do. Blogging can be one of those things. If you wait for motivation, you may be waiting a very long time. My suggestion is start slow, ease back into it if you have to. Just write something. You can also try scheduling your post in advance. When you do get the urge to blog, write until you have exhausted your creative mojo. Make it work for you. Sometimes I'll sit in a cafe and I'll write up to six posts in a day and I'll schedule them over a two week time period. This helps because "life happens" in the midst of my daily routine and I like to be prepared. It helps alleviate the stress of feeling like I'm rushing or that I'm failing in my endeavors if I happen to skip several days without blogging.

Beware, sometimes your readership may dwindle due to your absence, but I want you to blog anyway. Once you get back into the habit of being consistent, your readers will know that you are back to business and hopefully they'll come back. You can also gain your readership back by stopping by their blogs and saying hello or just commenting on one of their recent posts. It's let them know you have come back to the blogosphere.

So my best advice as to what to do when you've lost your blogging mojo? Find it. And while you'll searching for it, visit other blogs and continue to blog anyway.
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