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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ollie, Ollie, Books Free!

Hello everyone, I want to introduce you to Ollie Moss. She loves reading and she is always finding the most enjoyable free eBooks. She has graciously agreed to do my Friday's Free eBooks. But instead of it being called Friday's Free eBooks, it will now be called Ollie, Ollie, Books Free! Please help me welcome Ollie by saying hello. Hi Ollie!

Finding free books is a lot of work, so I truly appreciate Ollie taking the time to do this for me. She will post a diverse selection of eBooks and if you have any suggestions for her, please feel free to share them with her in the comments section below. Without further adieu, here's this week's Ollie, Ollie, Books Free.

Disclaimer: These books are free and offered by Amazon for Kindle, Nook Book or various forms of digital download. I have not read most if any of these books. But they are free, and everyone likes something free. These books were offered at no cost (free) at the time I posted them, but make sure and confirm that the offer is still available before downloading.

Fresh Powder  by Susanne O’Leary
FREE on Kindle 
Lucy and Claire were once best friends but after a row, they haven’t spoken in ten years. Imagine their shock when they are thrown together, not only in the same ski resort in the French Alps but in the same chalet… Then they are snowed in, together with two attractive men and a couple with relationship issues, which puts both their friendship and their survival skills to the test. B & N Price $1.99 in Paperback

Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many  by Heather Wardell
FREE on Kindle 
The fiercely private Madeleine-Cora Spencer is the last person who should be on a reality TV show, but when she’s shunned by a friend’s new wife because “you can’t trust desperate single women” her pain and humiliation drive her straight to the “Find Your Prince” dating show’s web site. Armed with date-appropriate clothes and a detailed game plan she arrives to meet her potential loves, only to be dumped… on a remote island with seven ex-boyfriends.Seven exes! Could this be any worse? B & N Price $12.95

FREE on Kindle
There’s nothing like gathering around the table for a homecooked meal. Our favorite dinners are always those tried & true recipes that have been handed down, or ones shared by a good friend. Start with Homestyle Baked Spaghetti, Oven Beef & Noodles or Barbecued Honey Ham, and then add a tasty side dish like Confetti Coleslaw, Creamy Macaroni & Cheese or Mom’s Potato Salad. And who can resist scrumptious desserts? Cherry Delight, Peach Crinkle, Crustless Apple Pie and Sunny Day Brownies are all yummy ways to end a family meal. B & N Price Free.

Kindle Free
When a woman's fed up...she changes. I Need to Make Promises: a Novella and Stories is a collection of fiction writing about women overcoming childhood trauma and the tragic relationships of their adult lives to become their true selves. Not available on B&N.

Her Daughter's Eyes by Jessica Barksdale Inclan 
FREE on Kindle 

What do you do when you have a secret so big you can't tell a soul, not even your sister. Kate Phillips has a secret this big, and only when she is forced to, does she tell her sister Tyler--but then no one else. Not a soul. Until it is almost too late.

Her Daughter's Eyes is a novel about this secret and then about how the two sisters, their family, and their neighbors learn to live with it. A story of decisions made--for better or worse--and promises kept. A story about two teen-aged sisters who are able to navigate an adult world in a way they never thought possible. On B&N for $0.01.

To Live and Die in L.A. by Terry L. Wroten
Free on Kindle (For 48 hours)

When struggle over position of power hits the fan, Darrell Davis, a.k.a. Dee Bastard, the presiding general and founder of the dangerous TLB Crip set, decides to wage war on the elders of the block. But when he does, he finds himself doing prison time.

Meanwhile, the mean streets of Los Angeles, California are a constant war zone, and the TLB crew, under new management, is waging war on everyone outside of their inner circle. Young, wild, and hard-headed, the TLB crew will find their backs against the wall when the elders of the block decide to reclaim their righteous territory hand over fist.

On the other hand, Dee Bastard’s bid in prison has dulled his thirst for violence. He wants nothing more than to go home to his girlfriend and live a normal life, but a series of murders amongst his crew and a ghost from his past change the dynamics of that drastically. 

In the streets of Los Angeles, you have two choices: to either live or die. The choice is yours.

Get your copy today, this title has sold over 5,000 copies in 24 hours. So get it while it's FREE!

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