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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Top 25 Blogs for Writers

Most of you know that I have a passion for writing and that I have a few books being released soon. But I wanted to share some of the resources I use as a writer, especially other blogs I frequently visit that are geared towards providing writing resources for creative minds. Hopefully it can be of use to an aspiring writer, author or blog reader. So here they are, my top 25 blogs for writers. Plus, two bonus blogs I just had to squeeze in there. They are listed in no particular order.

  • Allison Winn Scotch (formerly known as Ask Allison, site provides publishing and marketing info)
  • Apostrophe Abuse (teaches the correct way to use an apostrophe)
  • A Writer's Life (from the writer who created the books, the TV show Monk was based on)
  • The Beacon Blog for Writers (resource for writers to help them get published)
  • Cat's Eye Writer (for bloggers who write and writers who blog)
  • The Creative Penn (provides resources for writers to write, publish and sell their books)
  • Evil Editor (provides tips on defining your craft with better editing skills)
  • Flogging the Quill (how to pursue the art and craft of compelling storytelling)
  • Grammarphobia (readers ask grammar questions and get responses)
  • John Baker's Blog (an author blog, has some great resources on writing)
  • Kim's Craft Blog (tips about constraints and creativity, including memoirs, fiction & creative writing)
  • Make a Living Writing (shows writers how to make a good living with their writing)
  • Paperback Writer (writer of forty-five novels in eight genres, she talks about writing and her life)
  • The Plotmonkeys (several bloggers talking about books and their lives)
  • Scott Berkun (bestselling author and public speaker, share writing techniques for creative thinking)
  • Six Sentences (write in six sentence exercise, and you can submit your own)
  • Storyfix (tips to get serious about writing and writing stories that attract readers)
  • Time to Write (inspiration, ideas and tips for aspiring writers, writers and creative people)
  • Wordplay (provides resources to help aspiring writers become authors)
  • Wordswimmer (insights into understanding the writing process)
  • Write Anything (inspiration, motivation and writing challenges)
  • Write Better (tips on communication, business writing and creative writing)
  • Writer Beware (a publishing industry watchdog that helps writers avoid scams, pitfalls and schemes)
  • Write to Done (effective ways to write better)
  • Writers Write (resources about writing, books and publishing)
  • Writer Unboxed (blog that dissects books and finds out what makes them great from a writer's view)
  • Emerging Writers Network (info on how to work towards succeeding in writing

Do you visit any of the blogs on the list?
Do you have or know
 a blog I can add to the list?
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