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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Interview with author Suzanne Purewal

About Suzanne Purewal
Suzanne grew up in Webster, NY. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree, she went on to earn a Master of Science degree from Kettering University. Suzanne worked for General Motors and Delphi for a combined twenty-two years.

Aside from her annual Christmas poems and a few other whimsical pieces over the past two decades, Suzanne did not write very much. However, she did entertain coworkers with descriptive stories. They encouraged her to write a book. She did not seriously consider it, until she was diagnosed with cancer. During her battle against the disease, she started writing again.
In her free time, Suzanne enjoys hiking, singing, and playing the guitar and piano. She has resided in Noblesville, IN for the past eighteen years.

Suzanne is a member of The International Women’s Writing Guild, The Writers’ Center of Indiana, The Noble Writers’ Group, Friends of the Hamilton East Public Library, and Friends of the Hamilton North Public Library.

Suzanne’s first romance novel, Embracing Destiny, was released in November 2010. Although she wrote it as a stand-alone novel, the feedback from readers compelled her to write a sequel. Look for Challenging Destiny to be released soon.
In the powerful romance novel, Embracing Destiny, the reader follows Sara Taylor—a woman standing at a crossroad. Disillusioned with her love life and lackluster career, she searches for meaning in her life. A chance encounter provides a fresh perspective and alters her outlook. Change is on the horizon. Joe Lazaro’s burning desire for Sara has never been stronger. Yearning to make his own life complete, he intends to reconnect with his soulmate. However, Joe is not the only man vying for Sara’s affections.
As Sara attempts to explore her options, an unexpected event sets her on a journey. Outside forces intervene, and danger lurks in every shadow.
The support of their loved ones is ever present. Although, it is only through their trials and tribulations that Sara and Joe realize what is truly important.

Interview with Suzanne Purewal

The title of your book is Embracing Destiny. What is your definition of embracing your destiny? 
To embrace your destiny, you have to know who you are as a person and accept it.

Can you give me five words to describe your literary journey?
 Exciting. Enlightening. Fulfilling. Arduous. Liberating.

What are three things a writer should do? 
Write what you want to write, not what someone tells you to write. Join a writing group to get unbiased feedback from peers. Make sure you hire an editor to edit your manuscript.

 What are three things a writer should not do?
Never give up. Don't force yourself to write if you don't feel like writing. Don't underestimate the need of a good editor.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on writing a sequel to Embracing Destiny. It's called Challenging Destiny. I originally intended for Embracing Destiny to be a stand-alone novel. However, the feedback from readers has compelled me to write a sequel. I had been writing a paranormal novel at the time that I decided to start the sequel. I do plan to return to it once the sequel is complete.

Well, I must do my WWW's which are what have you just finished reading? What are you currently reading? And what do you plan to read next?
I just finished reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Currently reading Darby Rae's Merciful Law. Planning to read Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars.

How are you and Sara, the main character in Embracing Destiny, alike?
Sara and her best friend, Laura, both look like me. We worked in engineering-related fields. And I too had a psychic reading that changed the course of my life.

How are you different from Sara, the main character in Embracing Destiny?
I would not have made the same decisions Sara made concerning her love life. And truth be told, I am more like Laura's character.

What's the best advice you've been given? 
Be true to yourself and do what makes you happy.

Tell us something that readers may not already know about Embracing Destiny?
My favorite character is not the main character, Sara Taylor, it's Joe Lazaro's mother, Rose. She was the easiest character to write. She's an amalgamation of several women in my life.    

Thank you Ms. Purewal for stopping by and sharing your literary journey with us. I wish you the very best in your literary endeavors.

To follow Suzanne's literary journey you can visit her at the following:
To purchase any of her books, click here.

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