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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 Do It Yourself Book Gifts and Ideas

The holidays are fast approaching. I'm still not finish with my holiday shopping. I'm trying to be more creative this year and not give in to all the commercialism. So as I said before I'm making homemade body butter. But I was thinking what are some gifts people could make themselves for book lovers that hopefully won't cost a fortune? Well, here are some ideas.

1. Book straps. I love this. It reminds me of the past days of carrying books. I also hear they are coming back in style. So I know for a fact, I'm going to make these in the near future. For instructions on how to make your own, go to Design Sponge for details.

2. Book Clutch. Now this is beautiful. And it's really inexpensive to make. Just purchase an old book and an old purse from the thrift store and add a little creative imagination and you have yourself a one of a kind book clutch. For detailed instructions on how to make this, go to See Kate Sew.

3. Mini Book Necklace. If I had more time, I would definitely make this necklace for my daughter this Christmas. I think they are absolutely adorable. For instructions on how to make one, go to The Perfect Pear for more details.

4. Easy Knit Book Covers. These are so practical. I have to buy over a dozen every year for my five kids when school starts. So to save money you could make these yourself. And I'm sure they'd make great gifts, especially if you use lovely printed fabric. For instructions, go to Sew Mama Sew for more details.

5. Book Earrings. These are nice. I saw someone wearing a pair the other day at the library. I wanted my own pair, so I googled how to create them. To find out how you can make your own, go to How To Make Book Earrings or Cut Out and Keep for more details.

6. Book Binder. I really thought this would be hard. It's essentially creating your own book or journal. But after reading over the instructions, it's really not that difficult. It's a little time consuming at worst, but probably worth the effort considering you can look at a beautiful book that you created from scratch. For instructions, go to Design Sponge for more details.

7. Vintage E-reader Case. Anyone with an E-Reader would probably love this gift. Once I wear out my current iPad cover, I'm going to attempt to make this one. I think this project is one of my favorites. For instructions on how to create this lovely item, go to Ladies Home Journal for more details.

8. Customized Book Plates. I love book plates. I actually have some, but I ordered mine online. I also have a book plate stamp as well. Book plates are similar to the library card pocket inside of a book. But instead of the pocket, you glue or paste a piece of customize paper to the inside of the cover page, so a borrower of the book has a reminder to return the book and it serves as a stamp of ownership. For instructions on how to create your own, go to Design Sponge for more details.

9. Vintage Book Tech Organizer. I need this right now. I think it's a neat idea. I have so many cords that go to my iPad, iPod, laptop, cellphone that it can become highly unorganized. This project seems more challenging than all the others, but I'm sure it would be worth it. And it looks like a book when closed. For instructions, go to Design Sponge for more details.

10. Journal Wraps and Bookmarks. I mentioned bookmarks before in a previous post. The previous post contained a video tutorial on how to create a beaded bookmark. You can find the previous post with the bookmark tutorial here. But here is another way to create bookmarks and journal wraps or as I call them Bungees Bookmarks available at Levenger. I received five of them for graduation and I used them up quickly. So I'm going to make the journal wraps at the beginning of the year. I think it would be a great project to do with my youngest daughter and it will be much cheaper than ordering additional ones. For instructions on how to make your very own journal wraps and bookmarks, go to Craft Snob for more details.

Hope you enjoyed some of the ideas. Do you have any DIY gift ideas for book lovers?
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