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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

5 Reasons Why Authors Should Blog

The other day I attended a power chat where like-minded individuals come together to discuss ideas and help each other stay focused and motivated as they work towards their goals. We discussed several topics including branding, blogging, building platforms, networking and the process of publishing and writing to name a few. Well most of you know I have several books slated for release soon. The first book releasing is If I Had My Way and the second book that will be released is Waiting on Heaven. Now with the release of my books I know it is vital to have a platform. What may you ask is a platform? Well, Writer's Digest describes a platform as all the ways you are visible and appealing to your future, potential or actual readership. So what does building a platform have to do with blogging? Well, since having a platform is dependent on your presence in the community, on the web, in your environment and in your surroundings, your platform speaks for you. It says who you are, without you having to be physically there. So what better way to build a platform than to blog?

I know as a writer myself, blogging seems like another gig to add the mountainous list of things to do on top of writing, reading, book revision, proposals and book signings; not to mention daily tasks that are not associated with writing. So why should authors make the time to blog?

Here are five reasons why author may want to consider blogging
  1. It's a simple, easy and a free way to build a platform. You could use hosted blogging platforms like Blogger for example which is free and easy to setup, especially for beginners. There are other hosted blogging platforms like Wordpress, Typepad, and Tumblr (although Tumblr is more like re-blogging) just to name a few of the more common hosted blogging formats. Or you could invest in a stand alone blog if you want more flexibility or control over your blog, but this usually incurs some cost.

  2. It also provides a way to keep your readers or potential readers informed about events, book signings and  book releases. It allows authors ways to interact with readers as well as granting them access to authors on a more personal and intimate level if preferred.

  3. If you are self-published, it can open up new opportunities for traditional publishers and/or agents to find your work and get a sense of your writing style and voice. It could very well lead to a publishing deal, freelance jobs or speaking engagements. 

  4. Social networks are always changing. Do you remember Myspace? Authors should have a common community where they can interact within their own social community and maintain consistency even throughout all the constant changes of social media. 

  5. It's free promotion for your book and a way to build your brand. (I will discuss what a brand is in a later post) So stay tuned. :-)
There are no rules when it comes to blogging or choosing a blogging platform. Do what best suits you and your writing career. Blogging may not be an viable option for you right now, but it is definitely something to think about. 

For blogging resources check out the following:
Do you think blogs are great tools for authors? Do you blog?

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