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Monday, September 12, 2011

Shout out to all my Book Gangstas & Blogaholics!

Wassup blog buddies, book gangstas, book addicts and blogaholics! Welcome to the fourth annual Book Blogger Appreciation Week, Day One.

Today's Topic is Community:

Our first task as part of the BBAW is to give appreciation and thanks to some of our favorite blogs. "So while the awards are a fun part of BBAW, they can never accurately represent the depth and breadth of diversity in the book blogging community. Today we are encouraged to highlight a couple of bloggers that have made book blogging a unique experience for us. They can be our mentors, a blogger that encouraged us to try a different kind of book, opened our eyes to a new issue, made us laugh when we needed it, or left the first comment ever received on our blog. Stay positive and give back to the people who make the community work for us!"

So I decided to interview myself about my favorite Blogs and Book Bloggers. And those that have supported me and helped me in numerous ways on my blogging and literary journey.

Lena it is a pleasure having you here with us today.  You're much cuter in person. 

Awww shucks. Thank you.

You're a mom of five.

Make that 5 1/2, I'm married. 

Oh. Okay. 5 1/2. Well, I suppose then you're very busy. So on your busy days, which blogs are a must view when you don't have much time to spare?

Hmm. Well. That would have to be my loyal followers. If I have a few minutes to spare, I will follow the people that follow me  on a consistent basis. Because I feel like (and this could all be in my head and slightly narcissistic), but they will come looking for me if I didn't post, just like I'd coming looking for them if they happen to be M.I.A. for awhile. 

Those bloggers are 
  • JadeSort of Beautiful ~ Great book reviews, cute blog & she's on Team Jacob of Twlight
  • LineofserenityLine of Serenity ~ Inspirational stories, quotes and an author

So, let's say I'm new to book blogging. What blogs would you recommend I visit first?
  • Definitely, definitely go visit The Story Siren. Her blog is full of valuable information about blogging, tips, tricks, how to's etc. 
  • Another useful site would be Book Blogs. I find a lot networking there and if you have questions you can post it and eventually another blogger will assist you.

Let's say I'm an author, what author blogs do you think I'd like?
  • Try author Jody Hedlund. She discusses various topics on writing and getting published. 
  • And also Jill Kemerer's blog has tons of info as well on publication and writing.

Fantastic. Who are some bloggers you'd like to meet personally? 

Good one. You're really good at this interviewing thing. Well, for sure all the blogs I consider loyal followers from above. Along with Jenners from Life with Books. She has really interesting stories, sometimes personal, but always interesting and she does great book reviews. And most importantly, she responds back if you post a comment. (awesome trait to have as a blogger)

Which bloggers are most knowledgeable in their field?
  • If you're a poet or love poetry, you should be visiting Parrish Lantern. 
  • If you're looking for an educational resource for parents or students, check out Katina Walton's Educational Newsletter. She also does book reviews as a guest poster for non-fiction.
  • If you're writing a book or trying to find articles on how to get it published or polished, check out Nathan Bransford's blog. 
  • If you want quick and concise book reviews go to Leeswammes Blog.  
  • If you want an extensive, thorough and detailed review check out Reading on a Rainy Day.

How about funny blogs? I'm having a down day and I need a laugh.

Then go bust a gut at ChrisBookarama. Great sense of humor. 

Anything else you want to add?
  • Yep. Not all blog support comes in the form of blogs. I also have a lot of support from bloggers that support me in other ways like Books, Personally who is always commenting or clicking like on my Facebook Fan Page (Lena Sledge's Blog...Books, Reviews and Interviews) ya know I had to plug that right? She also does great interviews and reviews.
  • And the blog Jeanous which is about fashion (I call him a fashion guru) but he is a faithful Twitterer who tweets my links all the time on my Twitter (yep, I plugged again). His Twitter name is IamMarv.
Also I can't name every blog that I love because there are so many great ones out there. But I would also like to give appreciation to all the followers who don't have a blog that come and visit me. I appreciate them too. I appreciate anyone and everyone that takes the time to stop by and comment and even the looky loos. I am grateful for them too. :-)



Do you have any blogs that you'd love to show your appreciation to?


  1. I love how you did your list. Thank you for mentioning my blog! I'm so glad to have discovered yours during Armchair BEA.

  2. Awesome interview Lena! You do just as well answering as you do asking! Wow I didn't realize you had five kids, that must be pretty awesome and I'm sure challenging at times. I always wanted a houseful so I'm a wee bit jealous. Thanks so much for mentioning me, it means a lot. And I, of course, love and adore your blog as well. Always something great over here!, like this interview!

  3. Just dropping by to say howdy. Nice to know a bit more about you and which blogs I should check out.

  4. I love how you did that! I didn't know you're a Mum of five! Wow, busy life indeed!

    Thanks for mentioning me. I always enjoy popping by your blog, too.

  5. Aw, thanks so much Lena- it is such a delight to click your Facebook like button because there is so much to like! Your self-interview is too funny... you have 5 kids (plus hubby) ???? How on earth do you do it all???? it has truly been a pleasure to get to know you these last few months... much more happy blogging ahead!

  6. Thank you so much Sarah.

    You are welcome Chrisbookarama, the feeling is mutual. :-)

    Jade, yes five knuckleheads. Two are in college and I have three to go. I will do the Harlem Shuffle, the Electric Slide, the Moonwalk and the Stanky Leg when they leave. All at the same time. That will be the ultimate happy dance. :-)

    Thanks J.L. I really enjoy your blog as well. All of them. :-)

    Your welcome Leeswammes, I really do enjoy your blog.

  7. Awww shucks...Books, Personally. I'm at a loss for words. That almost never happens. Thank you so very very much. I love your blog too.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Thanks for the mention & here's a little something as a thanks for the support

    The Strait-Jackets

    I lay the suitcase on Father’s bed
    and unzip it slowly, gently.
    Inside, packed in cloth strait-jackets
    lie forty live hummingbirds
    tied down in rows, each tiny head
    cushioned on a swaddled body.
    I feed them from a flask of sugar water,
    inserting every bill into the pipette,
    then unwind their bindings
    so Father can see their changing colours
    as they dart around his room.
    They hover inches from his face
    as if he’s a flower, their humming
    just audible above the oxygen recycler.
    For the first time since I’ve arrived
    he’s breathing easily, the cannula
    attached to his nostrils almost slips out.
    I don’t know how long we sit there
    but when I next glance at his face
    he’s asleep, lights from their feathers
    still playing on his eyelids and cheeks.
    It takes me hours to catch them all
    and wrap them in their strait-jackets.
    I work quietly, he’s in such
    a deep sleep he doesn’t wake once.

    This is from Zoo Father - Pascale Petit.

  10. AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!!! AWESOME!!! Lena you and your beautiful thoughts rock! So glad to be a part of the history you are making!

  11. I love your post!! The way you set it up is just lovely! And thanks so much for the shout-out! I have to agree with the awesomeness of most of the blogs listed there. There are some new-to-me blogs as well, which I have to check now!

  12. Love the interview idea -- very clever! A couple of the blogs you listed are favorites of mine as well, and a few others I'll have to check out. (5 1/2 kids...I'm still giggling...!)

  13. Thanks for all the links to fantastic new-to-me blogs (and a couple names I recognized!). Glad to meet you :) Also, love the format you used!

  14. Lena, I REALLY enjoyed this posting!! Your blog is delightful, and I can't wait to read your book! And thanks for sharing the info about my blog!

  15. Fabulous interview! How lucky of you to have such a fascinating and knowledgeable subject to interview!

  16. Great interview Lena. Five kids- wow you are a wonder woman, I have two and that is a handful at times. I am glad I stumbled upon your blog.

    your1chef at aol dot com

  17. Love how you did your list and love all of the blogs on your list.

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog.


  18. Love how you interviewed yourself - a great way to start BBAW!

  19. Thanks for mentioning my blog and giving plenty of other nice links. What a lovely idea - an interview with yourself! You are a mother of 5 and 1/2? I almost fainted when I read that! And I've just wanted to write that I cannot attend BBAW because I am being rather busy right now...and I have only one dog!

  20. I've always wanted to meet Jenners in person as well. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll try to check back here as well.

  21. I love how you did this! Genius idea! And the 5.5 kids … totally killed me. But wow … seriously. 5 kids. And you're still able to string sentences together? I'm impressed.

    And thanks so much for the kind words!! I truly appreciate it and feel so very flattered to be included!!

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