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Friday, September 9, 2011

My Lordt Hammercy Moment

Yesterday I wasn't feeling very well. But I was still able to smile throughout the day. It was wonderful. It all started last week. To give you an idea of my emotions I will post my Facebook status from that moment.

"Sweet baby Jesus in a manger! The cable man came by to fix the cable, which he didn't do btw. But instead erased ALL my recorded shows on dvr. What's I g'on do. What's I g'on do. The final 3 episodes of the Oprah Show just gone. I think I need to hug myself & rock myself to sleep. I think I got the shakes. I can't breathe. The room is spinning. I keep checking every 5 mins to see if it will poof back on screen but it won't. I feel an ugly cry about to come on."

My next comment Facebook status comment...

"I am going through the 5 stages of grief right now. I am in the bargaining stage....cable Gods you can have my favorite sandals, my Fantasia cd, my favorite socks, my youngest son, those 5 brownie bites I saved for that special occasion;which was g'on be tonight while I watched my fav....or...ite.. shows....bwaaaaahhhhh...aaahhhhh.  Tear."

I was literally about to shed tears. Anyone that knows me, knows how I loves my dvr and how I loves me some Oprah. Just mentioning her name will cause me to start reciting quotes from the film, The Color Purple, and I'll start speaking in my Sophia voice for atleast 5 of those quotes. Eh, don't judge me. Not only that, I had been saving the last three shows of the Oprah Show Finale since it aired and had it watched them at least once a week, not to mention her Master Class specials on the OWN network. So I was done. Spent. I couldn't not go on. Okay I could but not without a bowl of ice cream and some brownies to ease the pain. At this point I couldn't do anything but call out Lordt Hammercy right before I fake fainted onto the bed. My eyes actually filled up with tears as if I were mourning the loss of a dear friend. It was hilariously funny yet sad because I was serious but laughing at myself for being so serious.

But then a friend posted a video that made me laugh so hard that I watched the video every time I got sad about not being able to watch one of my Oprah shows. Eventually it took a life of its own and every time something made me sad just a little bit, I would whip out my iPad and play the video. My hubby (a dear lovely man for putting up with my antics) laughed and would say, "oh no, not the video." It instantly cheered me up.

Now the great thing about Facebook is that people see your status but may not comment but remember what you previously wrote. So the day before yesterday, I got a comment on my page that said the Oprah Show Finale will be re-aired tomorrow. Der is a Gawd!, I rejoiced in my Sophia voice. I dvr'd it and watched it later. And again this morning for old times sake.

So all in all, yesterday was a good day. I was able to record the Oprah Show finale, plus set the dvr to record today's finale. And to top it off, Oprah Facebook Live aired yesterday. So what a treat I had. I didn't feel well physically but inside I was delightfully happy. The TV fairies really do love me.

So here's the video for your viewing pleasure. In case you're having one of those sad days and just need to let out a little cry.



  1. I am DYING at that video Lena! LOL...and you antics. Poor you. I don't know what's going on with these tv people. We had to call them out twice to fix our box. I'm glad you were able to at least see the last show, and I'm sure if you search online, somebody has the other two you missed posted. That video is a hot mess...but it sure was a great laugh.

  2. You've got to love those TV fairies. :D

    Glad you were able to record the show again.

  3. Funny. There's always a way to recover from cable guy frustrations and disasters. We'll all miss Oprah. What a blessing she is in this world.

  4. Hi, Lena! I've had my DVR stop working and lost shows, and it drove me crazy!!! I still have shows from last tv season that I need to catch up on before the fall season starts. I only tape a handful of shows.
    I'm so glad you got to watch a show! Have you thought of googling youtube or maybe Hulu to see if any shows are available online?

  5. Omg, I feel so terrible because that video is hilarious and I'm laughing at his pain! lol That's some cry alright. :-P

    ♥ Sarah @ I'm Loving Books

  6. Hi Lena, You are the winner of the $10 gift card from the Back to the Books giveaway hop on my blog! Yay for you! Please e-mail me so I can send you your prize (rebecca (at) irvinemail (dot) org).
    Congrats! Rebecca Irvine

  7. My DVR crashed and they had to replace it. I lost all my shows. It is so heartbreaking. I had saved all the episodes of Living Single. Thanks for the video!

  8. Lena, glad that you have something to celebrate.

    And, uh, that was some serious caterwauling going on there with those two.

  9. Evil evil cableguy!! What kind of repairman does that!!!???? Urgh. I'm glad you got to see the finale. I'm sure they'll be issuing all the Oprah stuff on commemorative DVDs at some point.

  10. Great blog, Lena! Really cracked me up! The TV fairies DO love you!

  11. My goodness Lena, I nearly spit coffee all over the monitor I was laughing so hard at your post. I then read it aloud to my mom. (She loves her some Oprah, too.)

    That's so awful that the repair man made all the problems worse but I'm glad that you could rerecord the episode!

  12. Goodness, I'm just so glad it worked out finally! Your post is so hilarious, but I know it must have been a tortorous few days before you got to watch the finale! Yay!

  13. oh, so sorry you were having a tough day. I'm over here playing catchup on the most crying-est day of the year. So hugs all around. Here's to brighter days~ <3

  14. what emotion, wow, just wow! amazing! and hope your day is looking brighter.

  15. What a fun post!! I was feeling your grief until you said it would re-air. I actually don't watch Oprah, but I would feel the same way about So You Think You Can Dance!

    I love the part where you "fake fainted on the bed." So cute!


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