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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lena Sledge's BBAW Red Carpet Interview

It's Day 2 of the BBAW. The topic for today is: Shining the light on your fellow book bloggers. 

So what that means is each participant in the BBAW, was chosen to swap interviews with another book blogger. I was given the lovely Kay from Dead Book Darling. She has a book blog that features news, reviews and other literary tidbits. And her blog made the list of the Cision Top 10 Teen Literature Blogs. How spectacular.

Well, of course I can't follow the rules. That would be no fun.  I  mean it's Book Blogger Appreciation Week. So what better way to show your appreciation than an award ceremony. And what do they do at award ceremonies? They ask questions on the red carpet. So we are here on Lena Sledge's Red Carpet Interviews. First let me show you the dress I'm wearing cause it's slamming and smoking hot! 

These are the shoes I have on under the dress, minus the hairy legs.

So now we have the scene set, so without further ado, I give you Kay from Dead Book Darling. (insert applause here and whistling) Roll out the red carpet!

 You write non-fiction as your day job. Do you think you will ever write a book? If so, what subject would you write about?

If I ever write a book, I can pretty much guarantee it will be non-fiction and probably related to some sort large socio-scientific issue. I know that that phrase sounds terribly posh, but what I am actually talking about is our society's relationship with science. It's what I studied, it's my day job, and it is what I get stupidly passionate about. The thing is, writing a book is really hard work. While novelists have all sorts of plot problems and character problems, non-fiction writers have all that AND the daunting research requirement. Still, I think I may one day turn my dissertation (which has been described to me as Cod by Mark Kurlansky but with wolves) into a book.

What is your favorite genre to read? Who is your favorite author in that genre?

I really do have a soft spot for science fiction and urban fantasy. They are two genres that I just love on principle, so even the bad authors aren't so terrible! They are my literary equivalent of the Star Trek franchise: fantastic 20% of the time, and the remaining 80% is great even when it is terrible. 
That said, I haven't read too much Sci Fi - it is still rather new to me! But I adore Ann Aguirre (seriously, I have a real girl crush on her). And for urban fantasy... I'd say that Jaye Wells epitomises everything that is great about the genre. She is funny, smart, and occasionally polemic. 

And what genres would you like to read but just haven't gotten around to yet?

I keep saying I will read more romance and crime... and then I never get round to it. Same goes for the numerous literary fiction novels I have on my shelves!

Someone is new blogging and has come to you for advice, what 3 things would you tell them NOT to do as a blogger? And 3 Things they SHOULD do as a blogger?


  • Do not start blogging for ARCS and free books. You know that heavy feeling of obligation and guilt you get whenever a friend gives you a book to read? That is what getting books from publishers is like. Not to mention the fact that most bibliophiles already have TBR stacks that can kill people. Should they really be added to?

  • Don't start a blog if you don't like to write. Seriously, it's a bad idea. Writing is hard, hard work - even for those of us who love it.

  • Don't start blogging for the "fame". People can tell straight off the bat, and it usually ends up with them being ignored!


  • Make lots and lots and lots of back-up posts. At some point in your blog-life you will suffer from blogger's block, so it is important to have some back-ups when that happens!

  • Take part in memes. Things like "Waiting on Wednesday", "The Sunday Salon", and "In My Mailbox" are great fun - and they'll bring people to your blog!

  • Take it seriously and don't post crap. Oh, and spell check while you're at it! I am always amazed by how well people react to my reviews and posts - it makes me want to make sure I am doing a good job. When an author responds to your review of their book, you're going to want to be certain that you've used the right "your/you're"!

A follower has informed you they have never read a book aside from school books, what book do you recommend they read first?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Full Stop.

What five blogs would you recommend to a new blogger and why?

Oh, GOD. I hate this question, because it is so hard to choose! Let's see... Jenny at Wondrous Reads is one of the most professional-yet-personal bloggers around. Read her! Aja writes the most amusing-yet-insightful book reviews on her livejournal - I wish I had one third of her insight. Kay at The Infinite Shelf is also a blogger I think all newbies should follow. Her website and content is super user-friendly and she seems to cut straight to the heart of a book whenever she reviews it. Kristi at The Story Siren is a good person to model yourself after for her time-management skills alone. Seriously, I don't know when that woman eats. Oh, and everyone out there should read Dear Author.Jane's reviews epitomise brilliant blogging. 

*We will have a brief intermission here, because I need a cocktail and the lovely Kay probably needs a break from all of my rambling. Have some won't you?*

And we're back! Live at Lena Sledge's Red Carpet Interviews... (Okay, okay. This program has been previously recorded)

Kay, lets say, an author/friend contacted you for a review and you agreed to review but strongly disliked it once you finished, would you still post the review? Why or why not? 

I am a very strong believer in the importance of negative reviews. So... yes. I would review it. I've done it before and I will do it again. It is really important to understand why someone doesn't like something - and that is a quality only achieved through negative reviews. Often times, I have read and adored negative reviews for books I've loved. Because every book has its faults and understanding, accepting, and even loving those faults is a part of the reading experience.

Imagine the world has changed and you are no longer allowed to write in any fashion? What would you do instead? Aside from traveling because I already know you like to travel. :-)

What a great question! Gosh...I would have to do some sort of work with animals. I do volunteer work at animal shelters, but I would love to make it into a full-time job. There are a lot of animals in serious need out there - and there are far too many humans who aren't willing to help them. I don't want to be one of them!

What book made the biggest impression on you as a reader? And why?

I'm going to say it again: Harry Potter. I am from the HP generation. The generation ruled by J.K. Rowling and her magical world of Muggles and Wizards and Dark Lords. The books consumed my tween-teenage years and I honestly don't know who I'd have grown up to be without them!

Some book reviewers get paid for their reviews. What do you think about being compensated monetarily? Do you think paid reviews are just as credible as non-paid reviews?

It really does depend on who pays for the review. If you are being paid to review a book by the author or publisher, well, it is highly unlikely that I am going to take your review seriously. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that I won't. But if the money is coming from a publication, then of course that's fine! In fact, Kirkus, if you're reading this, I would be over the moon to be paid by you. *puppy eyes* *drafts CV*

Tell me five things your followers don't already know about you?
  1. I have an undergraduate degree in physics and, yes, have been known to entertain at parties with the long, fascinating history of particle physics.
  2. I am not actually English... but I drink a lot of tea, so really, I think I should be given a passport based just on that.
  3. I'm bilingual verging on trilingual (English, Spanish and French).
  4. I can sing pretty much every musical written by Steven Sondheim, from start to finish.
  5. I am active in a lot of fandoms. I often want to recommend certain fanfics on Dead Book Darling, but I always manage to restrain myself!
Well that's it folks for the Lena Sledge Red Carpet Interviews, join me in giving the lovely Kay of Dead Book Darling a round of applause. We wish her much success in her blogging journey and we hope to see her again real soon. Don't forget to go check out her blog and read the interview she did about me. Yes, me, Lena Sledge. Can you believe it. I'm so excited. Also, if you have time go check out some of the other blogger interviews for BBAW. 

Well, now it time to take off this dress and return to my normal attire.



  1. I love your interviews, you always asks the best questions. I love Kay's do's and don't for blogging. I'm going to have to take her advice and try to work on gtting a few back-up posts done.

  2. Great interview, thanks Kay and Lena! Gorgeous pics and those particle physics rule ALWAYS!

  3. DAr-ling, the dress is Divine!! But you know Joan Rivers is going to get on you about those slippers, yep, she saw them, lol. The Red Carpet Interview was most enjoyed and I love the free drink during intermission. Nice touch!! I will definitely check out Kay's blog.

  4. Thank you for having me on the red carpet, Lena. Your questions were absolutely brilliant and really made me think (I had no idea I felt so strongly about spell check until I wrote that I did!). ♥

  5. Fantastic interview- what great advice for bloggers. I love what Kay has said about negative reviews- if well done, sometimes I want to read the book just as much. Going to check out Kay's blog.

    Lena I love love love those slippers!

  6. Love the Dos and Don'ts! They're so true! =D

  7. I really enjoyed this interview, Lena. I like the book blogging "dos and don'ts" that Kay listed. I can relate to everything that Kay said ~ Especially feeling guilty about all the unread books.
    Count me as a new reader of your blog and Kay's.

  8. I really enjoyed this interview, Lena. I like the book blogging "dos and don'ts" that Kay listed. I can relate to everything that Kay said ~ Especially feeling guilty about all the unread books.
    Count me as a new reader of your blog and Kay's.

  9. Omg girl, I love this interview! You have an amazing sense of humor and I was totally smiling or laughing through this post!

  10. hey! i'm a follower here! i'm spreading the word about Teen Shiver, a new group of YA authors that have combined together! stop by the Teen Shiver blog and follow us?? :)

  11. Wow, Lena! Both interviews were wonderful!! I thoroughly enjoyed them! Keep up the good work! And, I'll say it again: I can't wait to read your book!!!!!

  12. Thanks to everyone for stopping by. I see y'all are digging the slippers eh? :-) I have some big ole panther ones that are so comfy. Something about house slippers makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Thanks for sharing your time with me Kay. I truly appreciate it and I enjoyed doing the interview. It was fun and I met a new blogger. Win, win.


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