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Monday, September 19, 2011

In My Mailbox and Musing Mondays

In My Mailbox: Books I Bought: 

On Kindle for iPad I purchased two books both by:

Book I won this past week. 
For Review:

In My Mailbox is hosted by The Story Siren.


This week’s musing asks…
How often do you read a book, just because you’re in the mood to read it? (not because you’re obligated to for a book club, or a challenge, or for review)

I use to read so many books just because. I guess it's one of the things I need to get back to; reading just because I'm in the mood. I do enjoy books when I read them, but there is a different element of enjoyment when you're reading books just because with no intent on doing a review. I miss that. So I would say maybe once a month I'll read a novel because I'm in the mood. Now with non-fiction, I likely read once a week just because I'm in the mood.

Musing Mondays is hosted by Should Be Reading.

Also stay tuned for my interview with bestselling author Connie Briscoe tomorrow. I will be giving away a FREE copy of her book as well. To enter, just stop by tomorrow and leave a comment on the interview with your email address or blog address so I can contact you. That's it.

Hope you have a blessed week. Hope to read your comments tomorrow on the interview.



  1. Cute blog!

    I don’t obligate myself to reading something unless I am in the mood for it. Check out my answer for this weeks Monday Musing.

  2. It is true, reading a book just because is different to reading one for review.

    Here's mine:

  3. Only read books I'm interested in, even the few review copies I've done, are of books I was interested in. This weeks new additions to my TBR are A book of German poetry, a book on Borges by Alberto Manguel & a win from Bellezza Inspector Imanishi Investigates by Seicho Matsumoto.

  4. yes, knowing you have to write a review does effect your attitude toward a book..and not in a good way usually.

  5. I haven't gotten a poetry book in so long. I've been meaning to get that Jill Scott one forever now.

  6. I try to take my time with a book, for review or not. I TRY. It doesn't mean I am always successful. Nice meme btw!

  7. All of the title you picked up are new to me! Hope they're good ones! Thanks for stopping by today :)

  8. Lately, I've been trying to read more books based on my mood and not let my review calendar dictate when I should be reading what. It feels liberating. I guess I will return to review mode soon, but for now, I like to enjoy this little freedom.

  9. With a husband, children, and a house--I don't know how you do it, Lena! But I'm glad you're enjoying yourself (usually!)

    Happy reading, my dear!!

  10. Looks like you got some great books..enjoy!


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