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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spotlight Poetry Contest Day 5

It's has been a busy week. I went to the AWC Writers' Conference last weekend and I needed to decompress so I didn't post my favorite Nikki Giovanni poem yesterday. I didn't post anything yesterday. I was having a zen moment and I enjoyed it. Somedays you have to take it and be in the moment and not worry about the excess or the white noise trying to get you to overwhelm yourself. I've learned to listen to the inner me and when it's time to chill for a moment, I chill. But today is a new day and all is well and I have my favorite Nikki Giovanni poem as well as another poet that is now entered into the Spotlight Poetry Contest. I hope you enjoy both.

Please make sure and leave a special comment and let Ms. L.C. Arrington know what a wonderful job she did.

Have a happy Wednesday.



My Sister and Me by Nikki Giovanni

Chocolate cookies
Chocolate cakes
Chocolate fudge
Chocolate lakes
Chocolate kisses
Chocolate hugs
Two little chocolate girls
In a chocolate rug

No one can find us
We're all alone
Two little chocolate girls
Running from home

Chocolate chickies
Chocolate bunnies
Chocolate smiles
From chocolate mommies
Chocolate rabbits
Chocolate snakes
Two little chocolate girls
Wide awake

What an adventure
My, what fun
My sister and me
Still on the run
Still on the run
My sister and me
On the run


L. C. Arrington (poetic alias L-A-Quent) has always had a love for poetry and writing. She is a spoken word artist, has contributed as a freelance writer for various online magazines, has been featured in this years 15th annual Moonstone Arts Poetry Ink, has had numerous speaking engagements and recently has released her first book entitled “Prescriptions of a Poet: Remedies of the Heart”. In addition to writing she enjoys staying active in the community and is also involved in youth mentorship programs.


Frustrated by my circumstances.
Frustrated by things that are beyond my control.
Feels like I'm Sailing a ship on dry land,
Drinking sand to quench my thirst.
Flying a kite underwater,
Lighting a candle with no wick,
Reading with my eyes closed,
Screaming with my mouth shut.
Floating against the pull of gravity.
I gasp for air. Inhaling to push air out, exhaling brings it back in again.
Up is down, left is right, wrong is...still wrong.
Eternity is ephemeral.
Frustrated by my circumstances
Frustrated by things that are beyond my control.
Everything is contradictory to my belief, therefore if I'm frustrated then I must be on the brink of
Fulfillment. I welcome fulfillment
I take it firmly in my grasp
Grateful for what I’ve experienced and never missing what I’ve never had


What did you think of the two poems? I enjoyed them both because I could relate to both. What are your thoughts?


  1. I like the way this poem starts & the line that ends wrong is still wrong

  2. The Nikki Giovanni poem makes me remember my childhood and reminds me of me and my cousin. We were pretty tight back in the day. As for the second poem...I have been there and felt that. And I hope she does get her fulfillment. Good stuff!

  3. ooh, mz Nikki poem not only brings memories of my childhood when daddy brought us chocolate kisses home every friday but when i had my first daughter and i would bring her chocolate chip cookies from a bakery, she would make the hot cocoa, we would get our leopard blankets, mine regular leopard, her's pink and from Paris, and cuddle up for a wonderful mom and daughter movie night.
    Frustrated, I think most people can relate to that one. I was just that frustrated a few years back and I laid that burden at the feet of God. enjoyed them both.

  4. I think that L-A-Quent has channeled a position that everyone has been in at 1 time in their lives. I could see myself being there recently. We do easily get frustrated by things that are beyond our control. This was a great piece that can act as an inspiration over and over again. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. And I also think the best way to end the poem was with "Grateful for what I've experienced and never missing what I've never had". It really drove the point home. Great work L-A-Quent.

  5. Both poems were great. They both allowed me to reflect on both happy and "frustrating" moments of my life...but in the end, as Ms. L-a Quent put it, I am "Grateful" for it all!

  6. L-a Quent poem Frustrated was great! Sometime We get frustrated with things or people that God meant for you not have! I think she wrote this poem about me laughing!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by and offering words of encouragement and praise for such a talented young poet. She did a very good job.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I truly enjoyed both poems, it is going to be hard to choose a winner, How do you choose between two poets that are this amazing.?


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