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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spotlight Poetry Contest Day 4

I am so overjoyed at the outcome of support for these poets. I"m excited and thrilled to see so many people appreciate it and welcome them. What a joy that is. Every time I got a notification that someone commented, it puts a smile on my face. So I'm hoping all of you have smiles on your faces as well.  If you'd like to catch up on some of the previous contestants and their poetry check out Day 3 of the Spotlight Poetry Contest  Or you can check out Day 2 of the Spotlight Poetry Contest. And of course, you may check out Day 1 of the Spotlight Poetry Contest.  Those previous poets still need encouragement and support as well, so please if you have time, drop a few words and let them know you read their work and you enjoyed it.

I will try to update my Free Books list by the weekend. I have a writer's conference to attend all weekend, so I'll be playing it by ear. But I hope to have tons of fun and you know I'm going to tell you all about it when I get back. I pray all of you had a prosperous week and will have an enjoyable, safe weekend.

Now, on to business, today we have two new poets to spotlight. Mr. Albert-Sam Adedayo Olofinnika and Fiordaliza Charles. Please welcome them to the Spotlight Poetry Contest. Woohooo!


Albert-Sam Adedayo Olofinnika is an educator, entrepreneur and author. I am also a poet and write mostly for children. I have chosen to write for children because they have capture my heart and I want to help them discover through my writings that the world is a wonderful place. I want to offer them resources for tough times and entertainment to bring joy into their lives. You can check out some of my works on:

Lovely Rhymes
Sweet Rhymes
Albert Olofinnika Facebook   

It’s a Tiny Universe by Sam Adedayo Olofinnika

It’s a small world you know?
Maybe you once had some friends or folk
That you could have helped or saved; but didn’t,    
Thinking you’d have another chance someday,
But sooner or later, they were gone,  
It’s a tiny universe.

Sometimes; might want to do a soul some harm,
Thinking you two never will see again,
But you might want to give a second thought,
Because you never can tell friend,
Someday, somewhere, you might just run into him,
It’s a tiny universe.

What if sometimes you stand afar?
Wanting to throw a stone into the marketplace,
Never allow your emotion to overwhelm,
For you never can tell its destination,
Don’t you think it could strike a kin?
It’s a tiny universe.

Sometimes, the deed of kindness done,
And the heart of love shown
Do come back in manifolds from that man,
And most times from ones you never knew,
Of a truth it pays to act right and be good,
It’s a tiny universe.


Fiordaliza Charles attended Bronx Community College and graduated in May of 2008 as she accomplished an associate in Paralegal Studies. She was given a perseverance award for her diligence and commitment towards attaining an Associate’s degree under extremely difficult circumstances. Fiordaliza has been a published author since November of 2009 and she loves to write, she has published six poetry books and a novel thus far her latest poetry anthology is entitled “The Poetic Lounge” Vol. 1 in this book she helps to promote 20 of the greatest poets from all around the world. Fiordaliza is also the CEO of T.P.L project, a website where the mission is to promote poets and other positive businesses. She is always looking forward to helping others and her future goal is to become a youth counselor and to continue making a difference in the community.

To learn more about this author please visit

Fiordaliza Charles Website
To Buy Can I Tell You a Secret
To Buy My Poetic Heart
Fiordaliza's TPL Project on Facebook
Find Fiordaliza on Twitter


I've Given by Fiordaliza Charles

I've given you
More than I could describe
Something you can't
A piece of heart
I've given you
Something you could
My sweet nectar
I've given you
Something you could
Happy days
A love letter
I've given you
Something you can't replace
Sent from above
A child
I've given you
Something that is
Full of love
My soul

But I still have not figured out
what it is that you want


Thanks again to the poets for their submissions. Please remember it will be up to you, the readers to vote for the winner at the end of July. For rules and guidelines, or to submit your own poetry please visit the Spotlight Poetry Submission section. Good luck to you all!

Please leave comments and praises for our poets. Some have never written poetry before and so we want to be an encouragement to them as they venture on their poetry and literary journey.

Tell us what you thought about today's poets,  could you relate?


  1. Hi Lena, Again you have some fantastic poetry here, there are some inspirational words here.

  2. Thank you everyone for the kind words, most especially Lena.I really appreciate it. Love, Peace and Blessings Always!!!

  3. Nice poetry. Both pieces are very moving and touching. It is indeed a small world.

  4. Isn't it strange and beautiful that poetry can be understood across the cultures and space...thanks for posting that!

  5. I love poetry, but I'm loving it even more after reading the works of these talented and creative writers.

  6. Thanks for introducing me to these poets. I'm new to them and enjoyed reading through their poems.

  7. I love reading poetry! Thanks for featuring poets on your blog.

    I enjoy how different the voices and styles of these poems are. The first had me thinking of how actions--and inaction--can cause ripples, and the karma can come back to you (love "throw a stone into the marketplace"). I liked how the second poem made certain words poems in and of themselves by featuring them one at a time.

    Exciting to read new poems!

  8. Hi Lena -
    I'm particularly enthralled by Albert-Sam's poem. His refrain, 'It's a tiny Universe', strikes me as undeniably true, even though the Universe is also unfathomably complex and various.
    Love everything about your blog. I'll be coming back, and if you'd like another early reviewer for your novel (yay!), count me in!

  9. Both poems are very moving!! Excellent work, Albert and Fiordaliza! Love the new look of your blog, Lena!


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