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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Spotlight Poetry Contest Day 2

It's day 2 and there is still time to submit your poetry to the Poetry Spotlight and Contest. Also, if you haven't checked out Part 1 of my interview with Nikki Giovanni, please feel free to do so. Part 2 will post this Monday, July 11th, so stay tuned for that. You don't want to miss what she has to say about rapper Tupac Shakur, The Virginia Tech shooting and the poems she wrote for the memorial. 

Now, today I have two poets in the spotlight to add, which automatically places them into the contest. I really enjoyed their poems and I'm sure you will too. This contest has poetry for everyone's taste and preferences, so I'm very pleased and delighted with the submissions.

So, without further adieu, please shower these poets with some love and support, welcome Kimeko Farrar and Cindy Schuerr.


Kimeko Farrar is a writer, poet, spoken word artist, and fiction author. She specializes in her own genre of suspense flash fiction. Samples of her literary work can be viewed on her blog at Chick Under Construction.
She has also shared the stage with renowned poets Tasha Jones, Urban Light and Jay White. She is a contributing author for charity anthology, "Oil and Water...  and Other Things that Don't Mix", published December 2010, titles included "Tomboys and Peach Chiffon" (short story) and "Reconciliation Procrastination (poem). She is also a contributing writer for the blog, Oil and Water Don't Mix. Twice featured in Morning Erection's Poetic License section during National Poetry Month 2011 for "Sunday Morning" and "Baby Queen". Segments of "The Revolution Ain't on Blu-ray" spoken word performance used in 2011 episode of Beacon's TV (Huntsville, Al). Seasoned host of a variety of functions including open mics, book releases, cd releases as well as motivational and diversity seminars.

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Look at Me by Kimeko Farrar

In motion
The span of my hips
The curve of my thighs
The arch of my back
The flesh of my calves
Evoke emotion
He notices
Eyes of sparkling espresso
Heart shaped lips and midnight blue curls
A bended wrist upon my chin
A mind in contemplation
Visually infatuated
He listens
To the whisper of my giggle
The sweetness of my cry
The intensity of my moan
The octave of my song 
Time is borrowed from reality
Roles are played
Be a freak in the bed but a lady in the street
Cook and clean and only be seen
Never whine, complain, nag or ask for anything
I’m superwoman without appearing to be
Waiting on the prize I exhaust myself
I reach out to him for help, out of character
I ask for his words of comfort with modest expectation
I forget something important, he is bothered by it
I de-cape to be regular and vulnerable but he says I’ve changed
Truths are revealed
Perfection estranged
The pedestal on which I'm perched is cracked and leaning
Its strength is temporary and cannot sustain the fullness of who I really am
Aspirations, hesitations, and trepidations spill over and expose themselves
I was perfectly made and beautifully flawed when we met
I didn’t pray for him to save me but to know me deeply
And he would have 
If he had done more than just look at me


Cindy Schuerr, originally from Chicago, Illinois makes her home in the small town of Princeville, IL. She is a lover of books and her desire to write started as a young girl. Cynthia enjoys writing fiction and poetry. She has a short story published in the anthology “12 Days 2009” and is a regular contributor at Chicks in Lit. She is currently writing a trilogy called A Sentimental Journey. Her blog The Heart of Writing, is where you can find bits and pieces of what defines her.

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Challenges by Cindy Schuerr

When challenged with adversity
Strength becomes our friend
For without it, we will surely see
The beginning to an end

End of what? You may ask
Let me tell you, now
Our bubbly spirit, loving heart
And all else that may follow

We are not, meant to be
The beaded shell they see
A shine that comes from the glow within
Is what is meant to be

When in doubt of this truth
Look into your heart
You will see the answers there
Indeed, you are very smart

So, be strong even though
Life seems sometimes hard
You have all you need to know
You are who you are

Stay tuned....cause we aren't done yet. I have more poets to come and open their hearts to you. So check back and stay tuned.

The link for the contest is Spotlight Poetry Contest and you can post the banner as well, which I have also included. It's not too late to enter your poetry. So go ahead and do it today, slots are filling up quick.

Don't forget to let the poets know what you thought about their wonderful poems today. You can also check yesterday's post for Day 1 of the Spotlight Poetry Contest and the poets that were spotlighted as well.


  1. Thank you as well. Thank you for stopping by. Your poetry was outstanding as well. Kudo's to you too Gary!

  2. This is a great post! Thanks for spotlighting the two poets. I loved reading through their works.

  3. First poem. Been there...felt that. Love it! And the second is very inspirational. Great feature again, the poets did an awesome job.

  4. second poem, love it. challenges and strength go hand in hand. second poem, Deep. it reads like phenomenal woman. The poet probably heard that before too.

  5. Enjoyed the poems again today! (Kimeko's makes me think of Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman in the opening, one of my favorites :D )

  6. "Look At Me" reminded me of "Phenomenal Woman," too, then it took on its own life! Awesome!! "Challenges" was awesome, too! Great works!!

  7. Lena, thank you for allowing our poetry to be showcased in such a beautiful fashion. I must say, Kimeko's poetry is absolutely beautiful.

    And I want to thank all of you for commenting on our poetry and for the beautiful things that were said about Challenges. Thank you so much!

  8. Lena, thanks for the opportunity to share my work.

    Cynthia, I really enjoyed your poem! Very inspirational...



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