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Friday, July 1, 2011

Poetry Spotlight and Contest

It's July! Time for fireworks, grilling and fun in the sun. I don't know if you remember a few weeks back, I said I would spotlight poetry for the entire month of July in honor of one of my favorite poets, the talented and gifted, Nikki Giovanni. I did an interview with Ms. Giovanni a few weeks ago, but decided to wait and post it and just dedicate the entire month to her and all the poets in the world. So beginning on July 5th, I will post one segment of my interview with Nikki Giovanni once a week. The rest of the week, I will highlight my favorite Nikki Giovanni poems as well as spotlight some new rising and upcoming poets. 

Submission and Contest

If you would like to be considered in the spotlight, please go to The Spotlight Poetry Contest and follow the guidelines. At the end of the spotlight, I will ask my readers, (yes that's you) to vote on your favorite poem highlighted during the month. The winner will receive $50. This contest is open internationally. However, if the winner lives within the U.S, they will receive $50, if the winner lives internationally, they will receive $50 towards purchases at The Book Depository. 

So I hope you will stay tuned to the upcoming interview with the renowned Nikki Giovanni, our featured poets and check back frequently to see who the lucky winner will be. Plus, I need your help voting for the winner come July 30th, July 31st and August 1st. So please spread the word and enter today. 

Poetry submissions begin July 1, 2011 and end July 24, 2011. Voting begins July 30, 2011 and ends August 1, 2011 at midnight.

Have a blessed, safe and happy Fourth of July!


  1. What a pity I can't write good poems. I do, however, feature good ones on my blog. This month it's Shakespeare.

  2. I say go for it Anachronist. It won't hurt and you lose nothing by trying. I think everyone has a little poetry in them. I will have to come check out your Shakespeare. I don't know how I missed that, I was just at your blog. Guess, I better go look again. :-)

  3. What a great idea for a theme and an extremely generous prize!

    I wonder if I have any poetry in me...?

  4. Thanks Laura. I think you do have some poetry in you. Go ahead and give it go. It doesn't have to be long.

  5. Do we just post our poem here? Or is there an entry form? I'm not really a poet - I write fiction - but I have posted some poetry on my blog, and would love to enter!! :)

  6. Hi Jill, to enter, send your poetry to my email address. Use the contact button on the toolbar below or send to

    Also go to the Spotlight Poetry Contest page if you need more information. If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me.

    Thanks for participating. Looking forward to reading your poetry.

  7. Lena, what a wonderful idea! Can't wait to see all the poems and the interview with Nikki Giovanni. How exciting!

  8. What a great idea. This month here should be interesting. I used to write poetry when I was a bit younger. And still form time to time as the inspiration hits, but no where near as much as I used to.

  9. I agree, Lena--we all have some "poet" in us.

  10. Oh, I can't wait to see your interview of Nikki Giovanni!! Despite being from VaTech, I never really met her! :(

  11. Hi Lena emailed to gmail, thanks let us know if you've received nothing.

  12. Wonderful insight into the mind of a wonderful poet. Sorors with Ruby Dee!!! Wow!


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