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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Meet Bestselling Author R.M. Johnson

I met R.M. Johnson at the Sisterhood Showcase this past weekend in Memphis, Tennessee. He was quiet and reserved. When I asked if we could take a picture, he quickly said yes. He has an inviting smile and a warm demeanor. I hadn't heard of R. M. before the Sisterhood Showcase. But because his presence was so welcoming I knew he would become an author who's books I would have to have in the near future. His current book, No One in the World, is co-authored with the late great bestselling author E. Lynn Harris. E. Lynn Harris authored ten consecutive books to make The New York Times Best Seller list making him among the most successful African American author of his time. His books always contained drama, intrigue, suspense and were usually about closeted gay men. So when I saw E. Lynn Harris name on the cover of R.M. Johnson's novel, I knew it was a certified winner. R.M. states he and E. Lynn came up with the idea for No One in the World, five or six years ago. R.M. says, writing a book together was something they had always talked about doing. As a reader, I'm glad they did.

No One in the World is a story about twin brothers, separated at three years old and reunited thirty years later to find their lives, and their circumstances could not be more different. You have Cobi Winslow, a successful state's attorney and his brother Eric Reed, a convict and career criminal, fresh out of prison on probation. While Cobi navigates life as a closeted gay man under societal pressures, Eric meanwhile discovers Cobi's secret after stumbling upon Cobi in an intimate situation with a senator. Promising to keep the secret, Eric breaks the trust and tells one of his ex-cellmates. If Cobi's secret is exposed, what will this do to the brother's relationship? What will this do to Cobi's career?

If you're a fan of the drama and scandle E. Lynn was famous for, or the intrigue and suspense R.M. creates, then you'll love No One in The World. 

R.M. Johnson is the author of nine novels, including bestsellers The Harris Family and The Million Dollar Divorce. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Chicago State University. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

No One in the World can be purchased HERE at Barnes and Noble. Or HERE at Amazon. For a FREE reading sample of "No One in the World" click HERE.

Have you read any R.M. Johnson novels? Or perhaps you have read novels by E. Lynn Harris? If so, tell us what you thought? Have you read any LGBT novels and do you think they should be in a separate genre from mainstream fiction?

Bestselling novel
"The Million Dollar Divorce"

R.M. Johnson
"The Harris Family"

E. Lynn Harris & R. M. Johnson
"No One in the World"


  1. Congrats on the meet Lena! I honestly never heard of him before. Now his books sound like awesome reads!

  2. I hadn't heard of him either before the showcase Ms. Pettaway, but it does sound like an excellent read. I think he has a free excerpt, I'm going to post it in case anyone wants to read it. Thanks for stopping by Ms. Pettaway. :-)

  3. I too have not heard of mr. RM but i got his name and book title down now. Thanks for the wonderful information.

  4. Great post and thanks for the opportunity to find out more about another writer!

  5. Nice post, Lena. Actually the best bit is seeing a picture of you. I love seeing what people behind the blogs look like.

    I hadn't heard of this author either. I must say, I don't come across a lot of LGBT novels, as I don't search them out. Maybe I should!

  6. I've heard of RM Johnson but always thought he was a woman! It's kinda weird to know he's really a man. I don't think I've read anything by him but I have read E. Lynn. His books really opened my eyes to the down low phenomenon. Nice post...its cool to meet authors! And you're so pretty! Nice pic!

  7. Thanks Sidne, Ananchronist, Leeswammes and Jade for commenting and coming by. I like it when I see the person behind the blog too Leeswammes. I try to expand my reading genre, but I don't search out LGBT novels or novels with LGBT characters, I usually just happen upon it while reading it in a bookstore or reading a review on a blog.

    Jade, thanks so much for the compliment. *Blush, blush* It's funny how authors with initials as names can have you guessing what their gender might be. Jade, I chuckled when you said you thought he was a woman. We all learned something new. I love it.

  8. Great post, Lena! (These authors should be paying you for the wonderful way you pump up their work!!)

  9. Thanks for introducing him, and his books. I wish I could make another 12 hours to have time to read..

  10. This book sounds like it's going to be incredibly engaging. I haven't heard of R.M Johnson but I have heard of E. Lynn Harris. And I will definitely be checking out this book. I find I'm really getting interested in LGBT novels as of late and I love that picture of you! I love seeing the face behind the blog. ;) Wonderful post.


  11. Nice showacse of RM Johnson and his work!

  12. Thanks DoanLegacy, Lineofserenity, Loren and AALBC for commenting and stopping by. I am glad I could spotlight this fine author and his talents.

  13. I've never gotten to meet a real live author before ... what a neat experience! (You look lovely in the photo by the way!)

    I think having a theme of being a closeted gay man is a powerful and interesting one and would make for a lot of tension. I've heard of Harris but haven't read any of his books. Was this a collaboration because Harris was dying?What a way to honor a friend's legacy than to help finish a book. Or perhaps it was just a planned collaboration. Anyway, I'm babbling so I'll stop now!

  14. Imm have to check out one of those books i havent read anything good in a while

  15. I loved all of E Lynn Harris books. I'm glad that I just found another authur that can read his books. I would love to meet him in person one day. I did meet Mr. Harris at a book now my next gold is to meet Mr. Johnson.Thank you.
    Deborah Clark


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