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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Interview and Book Giveaways with Author Jean Holloway

I am honored to have author Jean Holloway do an interview with us today. She is the author of three novels, Ace of Hearts, Black Jack and Deuces Wild. Author Jean Holloway merges her love for reading great horror and mystery classics in her captivating novels.

  • She is also giving away two autographed copies of her novel. The way to enter the giveaways is one of two ways. The first copy will go to one lucky person who comments on this interview. The winner will be chosen by The only requirement is that the comment must be relevant to this interview and atleast one full sentence. You may enter as often as you like.

  • The second way to enter is by doing a mystery search. Since Author Holloway writes suspense, mystery and thriller, I've decided to hide the three covers to her book on my blog. You may search for one of each of her covers anywhere on this blog, but any covers on this page, do not count. Once you find all three covers. Send me a message with the details through the contact me button (looks like a white envelope)  on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen.  The first person to send me the correct locations of all three book covers is the winner. Have fun!

  • The contest ends May 15, 2011 at midnight. Best wishes to all and please spread the word so more people have the opportunity to read an entertaining novel by a superb novelist.

Details about Author Jean Holloway's Novels:

Ace of HeartsIn the novel, Ace of Heart, NY detective Shevaughn Robinson begins investigating an especially gruesome murder case, which quickly evolves into serial murders. Right before they find the first victim, she meets Tony O'Brien, a reporter interested in doing a piece on her and her career. Sparks fly. Shevaughn follows murder after murder trying to solve the case; not realizing the murderer is a man who not only is obsessed with death, but becoming more and more obsessed with her.


Black JackBlack Jack is the sequel to Jean Holloway's acclaimed debut novel, Ace of Hearts. Buckle up and follow Detective Shevaughn as she moves closer to solving a new, yet old case, unknowingly rekindling old grudges and awakening a sinister spirit.


Deuces Wild
 Three years have passed since Black Jack ended and in the fiendishly-evil and sexy as hell third installment of the Deck of Cardz series, Deuces Wild, Detective Shevaughn Robinson-William's career and personal life are at a crossroads as she tries to assist in the capture of a homicidal couple on a murdering spree filled with illegal drugs and illicit perversion.


1. Where did the inspiration for your novels come from?

 Honestly, I never thought of myself as an author. I began writing in answer to a bet. My sister said "You read so much, I bet you could write a book" and I answered "I bet I can." That was the day Ace of Hearts was conceived. I wanted to write a story that grabbed your attention, shook you up and won't let you go until the end. My favorite books are suspense and horror, I think there's some of both in my novels.


2. What genre would you classify your novels?

 I consider them risqué romantic thrillers, yet some readers have called them erotic suspense.

3. Your novel, Ace of Hearts, was your debut novel, what was the process like as a new author?

 I'm sure my journey was a lot longer than most. I started writing Ace of Hearts in longhand in 1980. Finished in 1982, yet it wasn't published until 2007. After that, it was pretty much a whirlwind. The first year I found myself up against Walter Moseley's The Tempest Tale for Best Mystery! Of course, he beat me like a bad child, but what an honor!

4. Now that you have three novels under your belt, how is it different than being a first time author?

I've gained more confidence in my writing now that I know Ace wasn't a fluke. I also came to realize I actually like writing MORE than reading!

5. Do you see yourself in any of the characters in your novels? And how so?

I hope there are some similarities to my heroine, Detective Shevaughn Robinson. She's a tough cookie and quite strong-willed. The difference is that she's a loner, always looking for love. I found my soul mate 39 years ago.

6. What do you want your readers to get out of reading your work?

I used to say my novels have no redeeming value except pure entertainment; however readers tell me they see them as cautionary tales. I just hope they're exhausted when they reach the end.

7. What are you currently working on? And what can we expect from you in the future?

Full House, the 4th of the Deck of Cardz series. As Managing Partner of PHE Ink - Writing Solutions Firm, I'm also going to be instrumental in teaching new authors through online courses of our Quill Lab.

8. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

A: First, get the complete story written, then edit, edit, edit and promote, promote, promote. You can never have too much of either.
Thank you Mrs. Holloway for taking the time to discuss your books with our readers today. We hope you stop by in the future to discuss your new novel, "Full House", coming soon.

God Bless

Click on any of the titles or images of the book covers to purchase a copy today!

Ace of Hearts (Deck of Cardz)Deuces WildBlack Jack

You can keep in touch with Author Jean Holloway at her websites below:

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  1. Great interview, those books sound so interesting.

  2. Great interview! I haven't heard of these books yet, but they sound interesting - I'll add them to my wishlist (:

  3. I agree Mo. They do sound interesting. And I think it's unique that it's series off the idea of a deck of cards.

  4. Thanks for commenting Hanna, I'm sure they will be great additions to your wish list.

  5. Great interview and I love the book synopses. You know I never thought that it would be an author's intentions to have their readers be "exhausted" at the end of a book but its interesting that Mrs. Holloway puts it that way. I remember the first time that ever happened to me. It was when I read A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton. I was so tired at the end of it. And not from reading. From the adrenaline and the tension of the action. It was wonderful. And I've been an alphabet fan ever since.

    Now knowing that Mrs. Holloway's goal is the same, I'm DEFINITELY interested in checking out her books and seeing if she and Shevaughn can tire me out!!!

  6. wild, thanks for introducing us to another great writer and a mystery, thriller writer. ms. Holloway is definite going on my asap book list. i wish one of the questions for her was: Do you enjoy playing CARDs. lol. I would of been nervous going up against Walter Mosley book however at the same time, my confidence definite would of rose just to know my book was even named alone side of his book. Enjoyed the interview

  7. Five of the books I've written are non-fiction; and one is children's fiction. I tend to lean more toward non-fiction, but I'm going to consider expanding my children's fiction writing. I like Ms. Holloway's "deck of cards" theme. Congratulations on the interview, Lena!

  8. Great interview and really cool book summaries - will definitely have to check these out!

  9. Sidne, that is a great question. Wish I had thought to ask. Maybe we'll find out if she decides to come back and do another interview when her next novel is released.

  10. Letha, I felt that same way while reading Hunger Games, I would be exhausted after reading different chapters. I love writers that can keep the intensity going throughout the entire novel. Mrs. Holloway is definitely an author who wants her readers to be satisfied and just knowing she wants them "exhausted", means she is thinking about her readers experience ahead of time....and I like that.

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