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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blogging and Networking BEA Style

I woke up this morning with no Internet service. My modem didn't want to act right and after staying on the phone with tech support for nearly an hour to no avail I hung up. Then guess what???? It came on. >:^{ After I mean mugged the modem for a few seconds, happiness began to swell and I was up and doing my happy dance. I praised Jesus a few times, thanked him for the modem angels and got back to blogging.

Networking as a blogger and in life, is how we succeed. It means getting to know fellow bloggers outside of their blog posts. One of the highlights of BEA and BBC is the opportunity to meet dozens of fellow bloggers in person, to build new relationships and strengthen old ones. However, even though those of us not in NYC cannot meet other bloggers in person, we can get to know other bloggers better through the Armchair BEA.

I've decided to put some of my favorite book bloggers in a slideshow.(removed the slideshow, don't know if it was causing my blog to act crazy, but will see if it improves, but I listed them below). It's my way of saying thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. I realize the time it takes and I truly appreciate it. Without my followers, I'm just a blog with an audience of one.

Also, don't forget to list some of your favorite bloggers so we can follow them as well. Enjoy your BEA week.

Below are some of my favorite blogs, including the ones in the photo slide above. A majority of them are book related, a couple are inspirational blogs. I think I follow over 175 blogs now. But I do enjoy them all and I narrowed them down as best I could. Strangely I comment daily on most of them, I don't know how I find the time but between my iPad, laptop, Kindle and cellphone, I stay on Google Reader. It's time consuming, but I've learned a lot. You can't learn nearly as much as you could if you stay confined to your own blog.

Please feel free to add a link to your blog in the comments section so I can follow you and other visitors can follow you as well.

A Backwards Story

Blessing Reflections


Books I Done Read

Books, Personally


Eleusinian Mysteries

Leeswammes' Blog

Life With Books

Line of Serenity

Not on Shelf

Once Upon a Chapter

Reading on a Rainy Day

Reading Rendezvous Reviewz

Sort of Beautiful

YA Addict


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  1. I always find out stuff on your blog ! smart approach

  2. Great slideshow! Glad to have found you via Armchair.

  3. Great idea with the slideshow! And thanks for including YA Addict! It means so much to me that you enjoy my blog. <3

  4. That's a brilliant idea! How sweet you've got me on there too! I'll click on a few of these to find some new blogs.

  5. What a neat way to highlight your favorite bloggers.

  6. i'm going to check out the inspirational bloggers, enough book blogs, i'm trying not to go over a certain limit. that way i will be sure to visit within a two week period. hey, i like how you found a good pic for each blog, i didnt think of that, well i tired, check mine out

  7. Thank you Teresa, Chris,Leeswammes,Jamie, Pam and Jeanous for stopping by and commenting. Don't forget to tell us the name of your blog when you come back, so others can visit as well.

    I sure will Sidne. I'm headed over there now. I always try to keep a mix of blogs I visit. Too much of one thing is not always good. I'm exhausted too. I'm already looking forward to the weekend so I can relax. Have a restful, peaceful day.

  8. You follow 175 blogs? Wow!!! I'm impressed. I think I regularly follow about half that number. It does get time consuming ... and I need to leave time to read. And thanks so much for including a link to my blog!!! I'm so honored and amazed. Thank you so much!

  9. I think I followed about 75 or so before Armchair BEA. Then I just went nuts. So it'll slow down next week. But I'm thankful for the networking, I met a lot of cool blogs. And fortunately they don't all post daily. :-) thanks for coming by Jenners. Please keep in touch.

  10. Love the slide show. What a creative way to share your favorites! :-)

    Thanks for visiting Proud Book Nerd. I'm following you now, too! :-)

  11. Oh, I even recognise quite a few! Great bloggers those I know and will have to take a little closer look at the rest! :)

    My interview and shout out can be found here!

    Rebecca @ kindle fever

  12. What a great slideshow! Really cool! And it's been nice meeting you courtesy of Armchair BEA!

    I'm terrible at networking, but love that I've had a chance to meet some really great new bloggers and their blogs this week!

    Hope you're having an amazing Armchair BEA week!

  13. Wow, that slideshow is so cool! So kind of you to include me on your list. I've really enjoyed finding you and your blog this week and am looking forward to more reading & writing conversation!

  14. Sometimes I think we consumers can do a better job of fixing up electronic stuffs as opposed to those phone technicians. Really annoys me if the internet is down when I actually want to use it.

    Thank you so much for listing me! You're a new blogger to me - I've just been visiting you for a few days, but I can't wait to get to know you better! I missed the slideshow, but I know how that can mess up with the blog.


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