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Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogging about Blogging BEA

It's been a long day, Blogger has not been working properly. I couldn't post comments to my own blog or make comments on other blogs. The issue has still not been resolved, but thankfully with the help of other bloggers who have the same issues, I found a way around it.

Today is the last day of the Armchair BEA. I'm a little sad because it's coming to a close, but elated because my fingers will finally get a little rest. Today's topic is what genre do I blog about and why? How do I find a balance between life and blogging. I will also discuss how I network and how you can find places to network outside of Blogger.

Genres I prefer:
My blog is geared towards fiction. I prefer mainstream fiction that is plot driven. I have recently become a fan of dystopian and apocalyptic fiction thanks to some great recommendations.

Genres I Don't Prefer:
I don't read non-fiction or children's books for reviews. I do enjoy those genres, especially children's books when I'm reading with my kids. However, I need to have some limits and restrictions placed upon myself to keep me focused. Too many genres or directions and I lose focus on what my goal is and the purpose of this blog which is to inform readers on books that I love and also write about as an author. 

Balancing Life with Blogging:
I can't honestly say I've found a balance between life and blogging. I'm still working on it. I do put a time limit on my blogging. Once my first child arrives home from school, I'm officially done blogging on other sites and will only respond to comments on my blog. But six hours of blogging is enough to time to read the posts of other blogs and make comments. If I can't get it done within that time frame, then I add the blog to the list of other blogs to visit for the next day. But I do visit the blogs of the people that comment on my blog the same day because then I'm too curious and nosey to wait til the next day.

How I Network:
I ask questions. I visit blogs and websites about blogging. Google is your friend. Type in the word "blogs" and what genre you like and you will find results. Visit them, check out the people making comments. Visit their blogs. Just put yourself out there and don't try to be a know it all if you don't have the answers. It's okay to redirect them to someone that can help. And usually that person will come back to you as a loyal reader or lurker (Hi Nise), who may be able to help you in the future. An exchange of resources and knowledge is mandatory.

Also, get off blogger sometimes. Find other book social sites. There are so many places to find resources for books and book lovers. If you stay confined to one particular site you may lose opportunities to meet people who share the same passion for books as you do.

Book Social Sites:

Copia: Not only allows readers to discuss literature, but it also boasts its own e-reading software. Readers also get seven free titles just for signing up.

GoodReads:  User generated reviews and recommendations. Probably the most popular book social site.

LibraryThing: Allows users to catalogs their books and discuss them.

Shelfari:  Similiar to Goodreads. Own by Amazon. Users use bookshelves to display their books, reviews and recommendations.

Book Glutton: An online book club.

Book Lamp: A book suggestion site. Compares styles of writing with other books and makes suggestions for you.

ReadFeeder: Makes suggestions based on popular blogs, that may not have made the bestsellers list but are still talked about by readers. 

Where to Find Me Outside My Blog:
You can reach me in so many ways aside from my blog, I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Tumblr, LibraryThing and Shelfari.

Well, that's a wrap for this week's BEA. What a ride. I can truly say I've met some great bloggers that I hope to continue networking with. I'm always open to sharing ideas, partnering up for an event, swapping resources or volunteering blog space for special themes or giveaways.

Hope all the newcomers stay connected with me on my writing journey and I shall do my best in sharing yours. Best wishes and blessings to you all.

Happy BEA Week!

1. What genre do you specialize in?

2.Tell me where I can find you? Are you on any of the book social sites I mentioned above?

3.Are there any other sites I should look for you on?

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  1. I am a very eclectic blogger. But I do review mostly fiction. You'll find a lot of YA titles on my list from many different genres. There's also a smattering of non-fiction history on my blog every now and then because that floats my boat most days. Dystopian novels also never fail to entertain me.

    I love that you do set a manageable time limit for your blogging activities. I try to do that but sometimes just am not happy with a review and keep at it.

    I'm also found on twitter (@thejennjenn)

  2. Sometimes I am not happy with a review either, so I just try to keep it moving. I think it's good to step out the box and do something different. I get bored and I think if I'm bored, readers may be bored too. Thanks for leaving your twitter handle Jenn. I'm following you now on Twitter. :-)

  3. I tend to ecclectic too. I simply love every good book. Fiction is fine but then a non-ficiton story can be even better. Thanks for all these book social sites - I must check them out. And of course thanks for a visit! Your blog is incredible btw!

  4. First of all thank you for visiting me and saying such nice things. I am blushing!

    I am all over with my reading. I pretty much do not enjoy science fiction and romance but then again, if it's good I would read it. Can you say wishy-washy?

    I love your blog and am your newest follower. I also never heard of a couple of the book social sites. Guess where I am headed?

    Have a great weekend

  5. Thank you Anachronist. eclectic is good. Makes life more interesting. Thanks for the compliment as well.

    @SenoraG you are welcome. I'll be back again and again. I added you to my feed. Please do visit the sites and come back and tell me which ones you joined,

  6. Wow, you get to blog for 6 hours a day? That's a lot of time! I wonder how many hours do you set aside for reading? I read all sorts of genre fiction too but my favorites are epic fantasy, young adult fiction (usually contemporary) and chick lit. :)

  7. hi Chachic. I don't necessarily blog for 6 hours, but my schedule is to blog during that time frame, if I can't get it done within that time, it has to wait. 6 hour time frame is more than enough and it sets limits for me so I can have the rest of the day to spend with my family. I haven't read any chic lit in a while. I do set aside early morning for reading before anyone wakes up, late at night for reading and writing. And I read mostly on the weekends, because I don't blog on the weekends unless it's to reply to my comments or if I have down time and visit some other blogs. But normally weekends are my free time. Thanks for coming by. And thanks for taking the time to comment. :-)

  8. I'm also an eclectic blogger, and I think it's interesting that you don't blog about the non-fiction and children's books you read to keep your blog focused.

    Good luck with your writing, both on your blog and your fiction/poetry!

  9. Thank you. I have to set some boundaries or I'd be blogging about any and everything. Thanks for the well wishes as well.

  10. Love your list of bookish social web sites -- thanks!

  11. I don't specialize in a particular genre ... but there are ones that I don't read too heavily. I go wherever my interests take me. It makes for nice diversity.

    And I'm excited to check out some of the bookish sites you recommended. Some of them are new to me.

  12. Thanks Joy and Jenners for commenting. I hope you find the bookish sites helpful or useful in some way.

  13. I'm with you on limiting genres that you blog about. I blog about YA, Middle grade, and manga. Occasionally I include an adult book, but one that I think older teens would enjoy. The adult books I read are like freebies that I don't have to review :-)

  14. Every once in awhile I review non-fiction just for something different. I like browsing people's shelves on Goodreads. I'm nosy like that. ;)


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